Air Cargo Services in India

Aviation and Cargo Management Services in India.


The local Airline Representative for your International Air Freight Problems!

Allied Aviation operates as a dominant General Sales and Service Agency (GSSA) and offers a full range of aviation and cargo management services in India for the world’s most reputed airlines. Given the rapid change in global air cargo industry, the outsourcing of commercial airline activities has given us the opportunity to provide our principal airlines with a one-stop service for all their commercial air cargo and logistics activities. Allied Aviation has a reputation of providing quality air cargo services in India like Ground Handling, Cargo Capacity Handling, Airport Services, GSA Services, Air Cargo Services, Airport to Door Services and other Passenger and Cargo services.


With the aim to continue being one of the leading providers of aviation and cargo management services in India, we at Allied Aviation, adhere to our ethics and high-quality delivery standards. We take the entire responsibility to provide integrated air cargo services and aviation solutions for effective Airline Representation across India.


We strive towards achieving customer satisfaction by regularly evaluating our performance and offering customised solutions to meet our clients’ demands.

Comprehensive Air Cargo Services in India.

Aviation and Air Cargo Services in India
Allied Aviation provides effective aviation and cargo management services in India, including ground handling, cargo capacity management and air freight services. For great results, we stay updated with the latest business and technological trends; we identify our customers’ needs and operate accordingly. As a responsible airline representative, we analyze every sales and marketing opportunity for your daily cargo grievances. We systematically plan and evaluate pricing and revenue management for maintaining optimum levels of service without increasing costs. Thus, we offer infallible air cargo services in India.

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Passenger Services- Air Cargo Services in India
Through our specialized business unit, Kabir Travels, Allied Aviation offers phenomenal services to passengers as well. Kabir Travels specializes in providing efficient services in the field of airline and ticketing. These passenger services include international and domestic ticketing, passport and visa processing, foreign exchange, car rental, travel insurance and hotel bookings to name a few. We have been reducing the stress of the customers we work with, by providing comprehensive passenger and air cargo services in India for more than two decades.

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Express Air Cargo Services in India
In addition to offering air cargo services in India, we also offer a variety of express services. Allied is a 360-degree logistics solution built for businesses looking to streamline their operations. We offer our services through Allied Express for courier needs and Allied Aviation for commercial shipments. We consolidate different courier service providers and offer a variety of international and domestic shipping services to our customers. We pick pack and deliver your shipments globally. At a time when on-demand logistics, cross-border shipments and freight automation is gaining momentum, Allied Express is well placed to add considerable value to your shipping needs.

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Air Charter Services | Air Cargo Services in India
We are one of the most preferred and availed air cargo companies in India offering exceptional air charter services. With our wide global coverage, vast experience and dedicated team, we have achieved a remarkable competitive edge in the market. To ensure infallible airline representation, we provide cost-effective air charter services through our systematic aviation and cargo management services in India. We, at Allied Aviation, offer prompt air cargo services in India to transport heavy and outsize cargo with minimum efforts. Our expert team with immense knowledge is capable of finding and sourcing the right aircraft in best cargo charter prices, ensuring you always obtain the most cost-effective solution.

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Why choose us for the Best Air Cargo Services in India?

At Allied Aviation Pvt. Ltd. we provide you with the required assistance to build and promote your business all over India. As a recognized member of FAGSA, TIACA and IATA we are able to provide our principal airlines with valuable air cargo services in India. Our knowledgeable team comes up with innovative and feasible plans to promote and market your product across any region in the country.


We have an excellent relationship with the forwarding community, key manufacturers and distributors within the country. Thus, Allied Aviation is a one-stop solution for effective air cargo services in India. We also ensure a strong PAN India sales presence. Our comprehensive aviation and cargo management services in India include marketing, PR, customer acquisition and retention, GSA and other legal and financial assistance. We take the responsibility to satisfy every need and demand of the airlines that we represent.

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