Ever since its inception, Allied Aviation has been one of the pivotal organizations, instrumental in organizing, positioning and handling of Cargo Charter Flights to meet all odd sized and heavy cargo requirements while keeping up with the demands of the everchanging cargo market. Having held and managed hundreds of charter flights in the industry, today we stand as the frontrunner of the Aircraft Chartering and Leasing Business.



Our notable client list includes some of the major business organizations such as National Carrier and other public as well as private-sector firms with a different type of equipment. For Allied Aviation, the kind of material or the weight is not at all an issue as having done this for scores of our clients; we have gained expertise in the chartering process. Our team successfully manages the representation of different cargo operators, with a broad range of equipment types including AN-12, B707, B747, DC-10, IL-76, MD-11, AN-124, and AN-225. The usual payload of our delivery services varies between 18 to 250 tons.

The cargo volumes of Charter Operations handled by our team at Allied Aviation has ranged from general cargo to Urgent transportation and movement; Odd sized Cargo, Heavy Duty Cargo, High-Value Cargo, Confidential or Diplomatic Cargo, Relief Cargo, JIT Movement, Active and Passive Pharmaceuticals and Launch products, HAZMAT, and Express cargo.

Allied Aviation has been providing top of the class charter services to its clients, helping them transfer their equipment and ensure precise delivery at the right location for years, which is why the world regards us as a highly reliable and most trustworthy Charter service provider with an impeccably good turnaround time.